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Shift Your Elevation with PIVOT POINT

2 Day Live Event

Your opportunity for a 2 day live event mastermind with one of the strongest Powerhouses in the industry and Clark Kent of personal Development, Tony Child. Learn how 7 & 8 figure entrepreneurs think, create, and shift their mindsets to create opportunities and action.

The Pivot Point Experience

presented by Tony Child & Elevated Worldwide Team

Do not miss this rare opportunity to spend time learning from one of the countries most Requested, In-Demand, Business and Motivational Keynote Speakers and Highest Paid Business Coaches.

Tony Child is considered the Clark Kent of Personal Development. He’s worked with John Maxwell, Bob Proctor and thousands of executives, high performing entrepreneurs and Olympic athletes. Through his organization, Elevated Worldwide, he has helped curate clients’ internal knowledge base, and helped supplement them with systems that can enhance their personal and professional ecosystems to create businesses and environments where the intersection of passion, purpose and profit all align. He’s on a mission to transform the lives of more than 1M by 2025.

In this empowering, high-content session, join Tony his team of Special Guests & Experts as they reveal unique ideas and strategies for attracting more business, creating shifts in your personal and professional development and unique ways to create, build and nurture networks.

Create Your Own Elevation

Tony is the “behind-the-scenes” go-to coach for many big name speakers, authors, trainers, coaches, celebrities and professional athletes. Now, he’ll be sharing his strategies for how you can create your own elevation.

Real People

Hear from Tony’s clients, expert colleagues and partners as they share concepts and the pivotal moments where they were able to apply the things they learned to create success on purpose.

Real Expertise

Real Expertise
Do not miss this rare opportunity to spend time learning from one of the industry's REAL COACHES as you will learn how to apply his principles and success habits to your business and life.

I asked him who he was... not living with a real purpose made it hard to get up everyday....all of a sudden Tony appeared at the door...