Pivot Point Event

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Pivot Point Special


Learn how seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs think, create, and manifest their mindsets to create opportunities and action.

June 12-13

Logan, Utah

Embassy Suites

9am – 5pm MST
Lunch Will Be Provided

Pivot Point provides a crystal-clear vision of your personal and professional potential through powerful tools and strategies that help you achieve your goals.

The two-day event empowers your ability to

Increase Sales

Identify Purpose

Develop Invincible Confidence

Stop Procrastinating

Who was Pivot Point designed for?

If you’re a motivated individual who craves serious, next-level financial growth, this program is for you. It’s for people who hunger for clarity and direction to help them improve productivity. It’s for risk-takers, high-performing entrepreneurs, and business owners who are ready to take big steps toward an even bigger reward.

Pivot Point is for you if you find yourself stuck in a rut, tired of comparing yourself to others, and ready to take control of your future.

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Utah is home to over

71,000 millionaires,

about 7% of the state’s population.

What makes Tony Child Your Ultimate Ally in business?

More than a sought-after business and motivational keynote presenter, Tony Child is a trusted mentor who has shared the secrets of realizing lasting change with nearly 900,000 people around the world. A former banking executive, he understands the habits and mindsets required to create wealth and develop a meaningful life balance.

Tony’s piercing and practical guidance inspires individuals who dream of doing, giving, and acquiring more by creating success on purpose. According to business marketing consultant James Malinchak, Tony “has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people’s lives! And, the best thing is that he comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others.”

These are things you’ll learn at Pivot Point:

Over two days, Tony and the Elevated Worldwide team will help you gain impactful insight into who you are, where you are in your life, and what you are capable of accomplishing. You will access the system and drive to achieve peak performance in every area of your life by reprogramming the way you approach the power of…

67% of the world’s wealthiest individuals are self-made.

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